4 ways to boost your online sales.

We cannot imagine a world that has no digital connections. The Internet and the advent of technology have made the online world a better and feasible place for us. Over the years we have seen prolific growth of E-commerce websites across the World. And as of 2020, there were nearly 3 million recorded E-Commerce websites globally. Well, running an E-Commerce business isn’t cheap and if the business fails to generate requisite sales online, sooner or later even the most glamorous website would go to waste. 

Well, with increased online businesses, methods to target online customers have also emerged. In other words, advertisements that were earlier used to boost offline sales are now curated to boost online sales. Moreover, the medium of serving those advertisements has also become digital. This change in advertising era has given rise to numerous Online Marketing Agencies across the World. 

Pay Per Click is one of the  online advertising methods  that is used to reach your targeted audience. However, unlike traditional methods, PPC is incredibly data-driven. Let’s scratch the surface of how PPC campaigns are going to prove fruitful for your E-Commerce business. But before that, a quick overview of what PPC is.

PPC better regarded as Pay Per Click  is an advertising model where you pay for every click generated on your ad. You won’t pay for the number of impressions you make or the number of people you reach but simply the number of clicks on your ad. 

Now, PPC campaigns could be run across varying social media platforms and search engine platforms. Of course, Google Ads and Facebook ads are most rewarding for E-Commerce businesses. 

Now that you have a brief overview of what PPC is, let me walk you through the simple reasons that make PPC inevitable for your E-Commerce business. 

1.Incredibly data-driven

PPC campaigns are backed by data and the greatest strength of any E-Commerce business is data scalability. When you run a PPC campaign you can track every penny of yours and can scrutinize the success of your campaign. With PPC you are guaranteed to see incredible conversions in your business. 

Wait, till you make use of PPC campaigns and the data proves my point. 

2.Targets the ready-to-buy customers.

It’s simple to target users using E-Commerce PPC campaigns. As long as you have someone who could run PPC campaigns effectively, your advertising is surely gonna be fruitful. The rewards you gain would be large sales conversions.

With PPC campaigns you get to target the users that would indefinitely convert into sales. For instance, you are into sales of handwoven Khadi clothes. The users making similar searches do so with an intention of buying the product. Hence, when they land on your page, you have the potential to convert them into sales. 

According to statistics, 35% of the users make a purchase within 5 days of searching anything on Google. Well, now you surely are going to give PPC campaigns a shot. 

3.Pay for the results.

Well, unlike traditional advertising you don’t need to spend thousands and lakhs behind a campaign. And even if you are doing so, you could ensure each penny adds value. With PPC campaigns you don’t pay until your campaign is set into motion. You begin to pay once the campaign starts generating results. 

And what are the results? 

Clicks on your Google and Facebook ads space and conversion to sales. 

Now, isn’t this a fair trade?

4.Flexible in bends. 

Well, the best thing with the PPC campaign is you can experiment and see what way works for you the best. You get to optimize your PPC campaigns in varying ways to generate your desired results. 

PPC offers a healthy return on investment and thanks to its data-driven nature, we don’t have to accrue large costs just on intuition. 

Well, the surprising rise in Google searches is not going to see any decline even in the distant future. Conclusively, with new algorithms rolling out now and then, it’s natural for any layman to not understand the intricacies of running an Ad campaign. This is where a Google or Facebook Ads agency can help you. Google / Facebook advertisement companies can boost your PPC campaigns and improve its effectiveness. 

At Microaider, we have an incredibly talented team of digital marketers who engross themselves in the minute detailings to get your campaigns right. Over the years, through our digital marketing agency for small businesses as well as large enterprises we have earned a mark of trust. While you focus on optimizing your products, leave the task of boosting your sales through the PPC campaign upon us. 

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